Musing Press is an independent ghost publication for blogs, articles, and short stories. There are two target audiences; readers who want something interesting to read, and creators, who want somewhere to write.

If you are a creator of some kind and you've thought about publishing your work but don't want to start from a blank slate, or know you won't create enough to warrant your own site, get in touch. You can work here. At the moment it's just me because I'm still working on the site here and there but if you want to be the first 'test' author, you're welcome to be.

It doesn't even have to be written word, we can build the site out to include you. If you're just looking for a nice little place to post, let me know, if you're looking for a 'intermediary' platform and help starting/creating your own, still let me know, I'd love to help. Making this publication has been a whole lot of fun and I'd happily do it again/help you.

Musing-press is a self-hosted Ghost publication on a Vultr VPS somewhere in London. We have a membership option that you can purchase to support the site. The money goes straight into a pot in Rhys' Monzo account to pay for the VPS and the domain..

We start with blogs, articles, and short stories, but the goal is to build a small 'Musing Community' and get conversation going about what's written and what we could do next. I'd like to collect some photographers and add a photography page of some kind. To start, lets just enjoy some words.