Musing Press is an independent ghost publication for blogs, articles, and short stories. Everything here is written by people who don't write enough to warrant their own blog, fancied being a guest writer here, or are interested in supporting this endeavour. (Or just by Rhys at the moment since its pretty new and his friends are slow writers, or liars.)

We are a self-hosted ghost publication hosted on a Vultr VPS somewhere in London. We have a membership option that you can purchase to support the site. The money for now goes straight into a pot in Rhys' Monzo account which he uses to pay for the VPS and the domain. Both not large costs. Once (if) membership funds go beyond that amount the money will go to upgrading the site. Members will be able to vote on a new theme, on purchasing an official 'ghost plan' for scaling and better support, new features, and the funding of new member-led projects.

The name came from far too long thinking and not writing about what domain to buy. But eventually I decided on Musing press because it ultimately will be for musings and press because the dream would be to print something on paper proper. I made the logo with a trial account on Canva, but only a trial account because I am in no way a designer and do not have an artistic eye so kept it simple. If you are a designer and have ideas let me know, I'd love to talk.  

We're starting with blogs, articles, and short stories, but the goal is to build a small 'Musing Community' and get conversation going about what's written and what we could do next. The next addition to the site is going to be a kind of 'chat' or 'discourse' extension so authors and members (don't worry there is a free option) can talk and comment on the musings. Beyond that I'd like to collect some photographers and add a photography page, and then an art page. Maybe a project that the membership money could go towards would be a designer to properly brand and design the site with little illustrations. But that's getting way ahead. To start, lets just enjoy some words.  

If you are interested in writing something here please send me an email or get-in-touch to say hi and tell me what you'd like to write and we'll set you up as an author. If you're not much of a writer or are strapped for ideas here somethings I'd suggest you write about:

  • Something your passionate about. Whether its a story, a review, a report, a tutorial, or something else, think about what you're passionate about and come to me with the idea, I can help you structure it and focus you into something to write.

  • Be honest. Anything bullshity will not be published. Whether you're going through something, good or bad, are a traveller, an artist, or a techy, write about your life, tell your story and be honest. We'll get you readers and you won't get in trouble here.

  • Chill out. 'Passionate', 'Honesty', maybe screw that, write a musing about this that or the other, if you think its interesting, I or someone else will too, write it down and lets see?

  • Short stories. We're all nerds for something. I am a sucker for short stories. If you write it, I will read it, and we will publish it

If you like the sound of this, great, click the button at the bottom of the page and sign up. Your support and your readership means more reason to write, will give us the chance to reach out to more and more writers, and hopefully make something cool of this publication.